ENTEC® Flowmakers

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Homogenizing and keeping fluids moving, with low energy consumption!

Homogenizing and keeping fluids moving, with low energy consumption!

Homogenizing and keeping fluids moving, with low energy consumption!

ENTEC® Flowmakers

The flowmaker is a form of a dynamic mixer. With the only difference that a flowmaker mixes horizontally. A “dynamic” mixer such as the LVB series mixes vertically. The choice of mixer type depends on the tank and the liquids to be mixed.

A vertical dynamic mixer is used, for example, to mix liquids and gases in the most efficient manner. A flowmaker (horizontal mixer), on the other hand, is used for the intensive movement of large quantities and different types of liquids. In addition, also when homogenizing and preventing sedimentation.

A very important criterion is the peripheral speed of the propeller. The maximum tip speed for the large propellers is 6.9 m / s. With the smaller direct-driven propellers, this rises to 23 m / s. In-depth research has shown that propellers with a large propeller diameter and a low speed are the friendliest for biological processes, such as these occur in wastewater treatment plants.

In general it can be stated that with equal power flowmakers with a propeller diameter of 2.5 m move a volume of liquid twice as large as flowmakers with a propeller diameter of only 0.3 m. In many cases, however, the choice of a propeller diameter depends on factors such as tank dimensions, including the basin depth and other technological requirements. We therefore recommend that you leave the correct dimensioning to our product specialists. Finding the right and most economical application is our challenge and your profit!

Slowly running / large pump capacity

These flowmakers are designed for the intensive movement of liquids, homogenization and prevention of sedimentation. This type of mixer is also highly suitable for intensifying physical, chemical and biological processes.

Mixers / flowmakers of this type can also be used when a very strong mixing is required. In general, these propellers can provide an additional effect in the removal and prevention of sedimentation of large flakes and solids.

Fast rotating / compact construction

The direct-driven flowmakers produce a strong current over a relatively short distance. These are therefore used where a strong and intensive mixing is required. Suitable for installation in narrow, complex and geometrically difficult tanks. In sludge tanks and narrow channels, these mixers move fluid which is located in blind spots without any problems and prevent a floating layer.

Due to the small propeller and the single guide, these flowmakers can easily be mounted on different levels. The compact and versatile direct-driven propellers can be found on wastewater, drinking water installations, agricultural, chemical and other industrial applications.

For such a wide field of application, very different propeller geometry are calculated to achieve the highest possible efficiency.